The Crossroads. No Apps. Just Awesome.

the great game with the really lame name

The Crossroads Pub & Grill
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Vista de Feugo, NM -It's a Hell of a Place
Specific Requirements: AIM would be nice
Game Description: No apps, we like OCs, we love fandom, we dig anime, manga, books, movies, Genderswaps, videogames, comic books, WHATEVER ). AU's are fine and more than one of the same character is fine. Just join the main, the log and OOC communities and hop right in.

Wanna play? Join these comms:

its_a_pub - pub_loggin - its_a_pub_ooc

Read The Code.

Need a mod? dreadpiratekurt on AIM

The Crossroads Pub and Grill: Come for the Chili, Stay for the Gateway to Hell

No apps. No reservations. No OOC douches. These are our laws.

Freshly damned? Here is where you will wake up.

Everybody else? Right Here Baby.


No Apps, just toss your pup in and play. You have two choices: Your character is there for the good time and once they're done, they go home, or stick around because its fun. OR your character arrived by a bus at 3AM and you have no idea what's going on. OR you made a deal with a crossroads demon and then end result is NOT what you expected.

its_a_pub is a panfandom, OC friendly, AU friendly, Anime and Manga friendly game, as well as live actions and comic books.

All characters have all their powers, but blow anything up in the Pub and you'll REALLY won't like what happens.

Trolly characters welcome.