616 Michael - Civvies

Projects, projects (text):

[Private to all who've identified themselves as having medical training]
To medically trained people:
I believe we should all meet together, soon, to introduce ourselves in person and see about getting an emergency medical service together.

[Private to Internet Project members]
Shall we meet for a late lunch soon? We have servers to build, programs to write, etc.

[Private to Kitty and Wisdom]
Mission Bartoswski shall we?

[Private to Piotr]
Piotr. I admit to being concerned for you. Could we meet for coffee, to talk?
I'm okay mom!


Okay folks, you can all thank me or burn me at the stake later.

I have worked it out with a friend from back home, Amadeus Cho, how to get you people some form of a network or connection.

Twitter now works here in hell. Like I said before, you can burn me later or whatever, but it works.

You can find me @madebymagic. Join up, join the fun, and lets see about upping the freaking connection here.
Rose wtf?!


Right...is this thing on?  Looks like I'm stuck here this time.  A little bit better prepared... [looks around]  I think I fell in the same spot as last time...still see the pub ahead...

[back to the camera]

I wonder how long it's been...

All I remember was talking to some cute American bloke, then I just up and disappeared...sort of felt like I woke up- turns out I was gone for a few days...not the first time that's happened. [smiles at her memory]

Better get going to the pub up ahead.  Gonna need a place to stay.


So, who feels like a little mischief back home with me? I hear there's all kinds of ruckus, and I'm curious to see what's going on. I promise money, sex, danger, and lots and lots of fighting. All the best things in life.
[adrian in the sky with diamonds]


He has to admit: it was the smell of a presumably damn good chili that made him swing the doors open. Not that he'd be too keen of food, honestly. Moroi barely eat anything besides blood - as a side note, they're also pretty much alive and they do not kill their... food. Or feeders, let's be politically correct.

So Adrian swings the doors open and takes a look around, quickly adjusting to the different touch of light within.

"Not too shabby," he muses.
look at my breasts, pretty!

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Work today was awesome. I have ingested more cupcakes than any human being in their right mind ought to.

If I'd have known this was what eternal suffering felt like, I'd have died a long time ago.

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I feel like taking a field trip to the real world for shopping, movie watching, and any other miscellaneous mischief I can stumble onto. Anyone who can take vacations feel like joining me?